General questions

What is Homepinr?

Excellent question! Homepinr is a free, new platform that makes it super easy for you to find your next home. It empowers people to discuss housing opportunities directly anytime and anywhere. No stress, no brokers, you’re in control. And not looking at what people are offering right now, but what people are looking for in the next few years! By showing where you want to live, homeowners are triggered to contact you directly to see if there’s a match. Cause there are much more homeowners out there willing to sell or let if only they knew people were interested!

Who joins Homepinr?

Well, that’s where we’re different. In the sense that Homepinr is for everyone who’s interested in moving within the next few years – no hurries here! Homepinr helps home seekers to put their wishes into the spotlight anytime and anywhere, while taking the time to look around.

Homepinr also helps homeowners who want to test the waters by seeing who is interested in buying or renting their home, or a home in their area. They can decide to get in touch with them directly without putting it formally on the market. No obligations and no track records that could bite you later.

Do I need to pay for an account?

No. You can Pin for free on as many homes as you like.

Questions about a Pin

Do I need to place a Pin?

No, not at all. You can just look around and see other Pins. Once you have opened an account you can place Pins yourself or send chat messages to homeseekers whenever you like.

What kind of things can I place a Pin on?

You can place a Pin on any address that is recognized by Homepinr.

I placed a few Pins, what happens next?

Well done! Now you wait for homeowners to contact you. And that depends on who is interested in what you’re looking for. Consider it a contact advertisement, sometimes you will receive multiple requests, sometimes none at all.

How can I remove my Pin from the map?

Just click on your Pin to remove it.

I’m a homeseeker but a homeowner too. Does it make sense to Pin my own home as well?

No. But as a homeowner you can set an Alert on your address so we can notify you if someone Pins your home or when a new Pin is placed and your home is within their search area.

Feel free to set more Alerts! For example if you want to know if someone's interested in that rundown barn of your late uncle Luke.

Does it make sense to place a Pin on a spot that already has a lot of Pins?

Yes! It always makes sense to place a Pin on a home you really want to live in! You never know what will happen. The chances of getting a contact request, depend on how dynamic the market is, and on what is interesting to homeowners, by reading your tags and your description of why you want to live there.

Don’t forget that your Pin also attracts other homeowners in the area who might have a similar offering that matches your wishes!

Questions about an Alert

What’s an Alert?

Set an Alert on your home, or on any other home you want to keep track of to get an Alert mail when someone placed a Pin on this home or when it is within someone's search area. You can also define your own Alert area. An Alert is only visible for you. This way no one knows you’re open to sell or let your home, and you can choose the best moment to approach potential buyers or renters.

Questions about chat messages

How can I send a chat message?

When you would like to get in touch with a certain Pin, just click on the Pin and type your message directly into the text box that appears in the info panel. All your messages can be found under your message tab.

Someone sent me a chat message, what now?

If you’re interested and want to get in touch, you can reply in the chat environment which you can find under the message tab. If you’re not interested, you can either reply and tell them or ignore the message.

There is no reaction on my chat message, what now?

You can wait, or resend the message, or cancel it.

I am contacted by a homeowner, how I can I be sure that person really owns the place?

Well, you can’t really. Just use your common sense, keep your eyes open and things will work out fine!

Other questions

Help, I lost my password!

Don't panic! Stress is contagious! Go to the account login, and click on the request a new password link in the dialogue-screen. You will receive an email with instructions to reset your password.

Success stories

We would love to hear your Homepinr Story! Will you share it with us at Soon we’ll make a selection and show them on our site!