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Looking for a new home to buy or to rent?

  1. Place your Pins on the map wherever your want.
    The Pins are there for everyone to see. Find your location by going there on the map or by typing a specific address, neighbourhood or a place in the search bar. Zoom in until you see the house numbers. Click on a house you want to place your Pin on. A Pin and an info panel will appear.

  2. Describe your wishes and set your search area. Use whatever keywords you like to describe your wishes in tags. See it as an advertisement, make it catchy so homeowners are attracted! Define your search area by setting the size of the circle around your Pin.

  3. Wait until homeowners send you a chat message to see if there’s a match! The Pins are visible for everyone, so homeowners can see which Pins match their offer the most. You receive an email if a homeowner wants to contact you via the Homepinr chat.

Want to know if someone is interested in buying or renting your home?

  1. Set an Alert on your home.
    Or on any other home you want to keep track of. That of your parents for example. An Alert is only visible for you.

  2. Receive an email when someone placed a Pin on your home, close to your home or when your home is within the search area of a new Pin.

  3. Look for Pins that might match with what you have to offer and start chatting! When opening a Pin, you can write a message in the text field and send it directly. The person who placed the Pin will get an email notification. All your messages can be found under your message tab.